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Dan Saperstein
Senior VP
VP Operations, Sales
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  • Company Type For Profit
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  • Phone Number 800-875-3009
Computer Aided Technology (CATI) has made it their mission to curate, deliver and support the best product development solutions available. They select technology that is proven in the market, with industrial-strength functionality, and robust development and financial resources in place.

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Computer Aided Technology was acquired by GoEngineer on Aug 25, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Computer Aided Technology's headquarters? Computer Aided Technology is located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States.Who invested in Computer Aided Technology? Computer Aided Technology is funded by CIVC Partners.How much funding has Computer Aided Technology raised to date? Computer Aided Technology has raised .When was the last funding round for Computer Aided Technology? Computer Aided Technology closed its last funding round on Apr 17, 2019 from a Private Equity round.