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Kinside is a child care marketplace powered by employers.
Exponent Energy focuses on developing fast charging technology for electric vehicles.
GroMo is a FinTech marketplace helping users sell financial products such as loans, insurance, and investments.
Bigspoon is a cloud kitchen startup that has an omnichannel approach to ordering and delivery.
Phyllo provides economy-focused data infrastructure that connects with every creator platform.
Populus is a data platform for cities to manage and price commercial fleets.
Cashflo is a finance startup that offers finance automation tools for corporates and SMEs.
Sweatcoin is a digital currency backed by economic value of physical movement.
Protex AI develops an AI-powered proactive health and safety technology that enables an injury-free industrial workplace.
Plerk is a fintech and banking solution for employees with built-in perks and benefits.
Oxwash is a provider of sustainable on-demand laundry and wet and dry cleaning services for all.
Wombat is a curated fractional thematic investment platform that allows people to invest in the brands they understand, use and love.
FOMO Pay is a fintech company that provides digital payment and banking solutions.
Privado is a software company that builds tools for the simplification of data privacy compliance.
Explo operates a data exploration and analysis platform to connect directly to database or warehouse sources.
Manufactured is an end-to-end inventory manufacturing and finance solution that connects businesses with vendors.
Mobile-based operating system to manage construction & architectural projects
Flossy is a dental platform that offers patients access to high-quality dental care at an affordable price.
Tarci focuses on improving ROI at every touchpoint through insights from dynamic data.
Awign is a work fulfillment platform that specializes in the gig workforce and provides last-mile delivery services.
Propseller is a real estate agency that offers property owners a way to sell by combining in-house agents with technology.
HealthAssure is a healthtech startup that aggregates primary healthcare services and OPD insurance for corporates and individuals.
Cygni Energy is a manufacturer of energy storage devices for commercial and institutional customers.
Microverse is an online school for remote software developers that costs nothing until getting the job.
Klavi is revolutionizing financial services in Brazil through Open Finance solutions.
Rusk Media is a content studio that distributes their own premium IPs and branded content across social media platforms.
Worldfavor is a sustainability management and reporting platform enabling companies to understand their impact and make sustainable actions.
Hourwork develops a recruitment and retention platform that connects employers with hourly workers.
PeakData is a software platform to identify and analyze key opinion leaders in your therapeutic area.
Magic provides a 24/7 SMS based on-demand personal assistant service.
Mahmee is an integrated care delivery platform for maternal and infant health.
Akash Systems is focused on developing and supplying the next generation of communications gear for space satellites.
Delli offers a variety of food and beverages.
Myplanet is an online software developer that provides customized product production and retail platform engineering.
ModernLoop is a platform to automates and streamlines interview coordination to ensure a great hiring experience
Falkon AI is an intelligence platform for marketing, sales, and account management teams.
Zilla Security is an early-stage security startup that provides software-as-a-service security management platform.
Spin Technology is an AI-Powered SaaS Data Protection platform that monitors and back up G Suite, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce data.
Goodr is a sustainable surplus food management platform that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger.
Jiminny allows users to record, transcribe, and analyze calls and meetings in real-time to help capture important data points.
HazelTree offers a comprehensive treasury management solution to hedge funds and institutional investors.
Soundstripe offers unlimited, royalty-free music, stock video, and sound effects for use in videos, podcasts, and other media projects.
Chamberlain Coffee is a manufacturer and retailer of coffee and related products.
The world’s leading peer-to-peer matching platform for institutional foreign exchange transactions.
Liefergrün is a technology platform striving for the most convenient and sustainable delivery experience in e-commerce.
ReturnLogic is a developer of a SaaS returns optimization platform for modern retailers.
EyeMyEye provides a wide range of eyewear from in-house collections and international brands.
BankiFi is a bussiness technology firm.
Civic Eagle develops software that helps companies discover and analyze legislation and regulations with no manual work.
Neurofenix is aiming to make rehabilitation more autonomous, enjoyable and accessible to stroke victims.
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